2016-17 Overview

Google/Smithsonian VR Skin for opening, 2016.

Schematic for Google Cardboard.

Plate design using Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew scripts.

Heart logo for DC-based band, Shaed.

Still from Shaed's video, "Thunder."

Women's March Fist, 2017.

Pattern design from Manic Machine installations, 2016.

Pattern design for Tracey Norman, 2016.

Nikki Giovanni presenting in front of design, 2017.

Magazine cover design for Nikki Giovanni issue, 2017.

Greeting card design, 2015.

Website design, 2014.

Logo design for fruit juice company, 2017.

Logo design for Harlem Brewery, 2016.

Coloring book online, using Java, HTML/CSS.

Coloring book coding using Java, HTML/CSS.

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